Donate for Free

Even without directly donating money, you can support our association.

We explain on this page how to do it.

By buying in other online shops

Through the Education Donor Portal, you can get many friendship-promoting awards from Ghana with many other companies. Amongst others, you will find ebay,,, Otto, Bonprix, the Deutsche Bahn and many more. Just click on our friendship-with-ghanaLink and choose the online shop you want. If the online shop is not there, you may find it at the portals Gooding or Gynny.

Through web searches

Benefind is a search engine, like Google, Yahoo & Co. But it has an advantage. For every 2nd web search benefind donates 1Cent to friendship-with-Ghana. That does not sound like much, but if you use the search engine on a long-term basis, it will come together a lot. So that you can support our association through your web searches, you have to click on the page in the bottom left on "Change selection" and select our association friendship with Ghana e.V.