Report of the year 2023

Annual review 2023 of the association “Friendship with Ghana e.V.”

Right at the beginning, the very good news is that we were able to find new sponsors (three) for additional children this year.

There are now 38 children and young people who are able to attend school. This increases their chances of finding qualified employment and allows them to later succeed in escaping the poor conditions in which they have to grow up.

In addition to school fees, book and clothing fees (for compulsory school uniforms), our financial resources are also sufficient for school meals and elementary health insurance.

We were able to provide Evans with physical therapy in the third year following his surgery. He works very hard himself to achieve the correct movements and build up the muscles.

We were also able to help the little darling, who has a speech handicap, with a specialist medical examination and speech therapy measures for a fee.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have been supporting our children's families at the end of the year with care packages that mainly contain basic foodstuffs.

Our association's presence on World Children's Day in September and at the Bispinger Christmas market also resulted in a full donation pig this year. The money was used directly for the packages.

This year, three board members worked particularly intensively on a project with which we wanted to expand our sphere of influence. They contacted the organization Engineers Without Borders and presented our association with the intention of getting support.

Unfortunately without success and thus the less good news: despite intensive efforts on the part of Jacobs in Ghana, it was not possible to enter into a cooperation with a local school.

But we don't want to be discouraged by that. On behalf of our permanent and spontaneous sponsors, we want to provide as much help and support as possible in places where many things that we take for granted every day are considered luxuries and trigger great gratitude.

Of course we can't compete with large aid organizations, but we can and want to look back on a successful ten-year history together with you this summer 24.

(More details follow.)

With a big thank you, the board wishes you a healthy and successful 2024