Report of the Year 2016

For the 2017 school year alone, we need a bit more than € 2,000 in order to continue to allow our children, who have been supported so far, to attend school.

Various considerations prompted us to update and migrate the system. It is important to us to ensure the continuous support of the respective children and to enable them to attend school until their graduation.

Therefore, we want to pay the school fees for each child in advance for the entire calendar year, directly to the school. This puts tremendous pressure on families. There are still enough expenditures for which they have to pay, e.g. for books, school clothes, transport and especially medical care, which is not free in Ghana.

In the future, we also want to provide more information on the supervised children on our website, which is currently being updated, and we will ask for parental consent. It is important to us to achieve more transparency.

For the future, we aim to collaborate with one or two schools, which will then be used by our sponsored children.

And of course, with your help we would like to increase - if possible - the number of funded children! Therefore, please pass it on and please advertise our project in your circle of friends or acquaintances!

Good on-the-spot training increases the chances for these children to lead a self-determined life later, to reach a socially accepted position and to develop their own country.

In this spirit, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

The Friendship with Ghana e. V.

Martina, Astrid, Jürgen, Annegret

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