Project donations

Health insurance:

We would like to take out health insurance for each of the children. Then the doctor's visit (not the medication) is free. Many families can not pay the doctor.

The insurance costs 15 E per year per child.

Update 15.8. 2017: The boxes have arrived and the school supplies have been distributed to the children and families. Each family also received a first aid pack with plaster, thermometer, etc.

We send a box of school supplies!

For this we need crayons, pencils, rulers, erasers, exercise books, pens, coloring and puzzle books, pencil cases or pen cases, calculators, well-preserved or new school rucksacks or kindergarten rucksacks. We also want to put together first aid packages for the families.

To send a large box, we need about 100 €, also like a single donation as a smaller amount.