No matter how small your donation is. Every euro helps!

There is no minimum amount for a donation!

We assure you that your donation is 100% acc. Statute for the children (school attendance, ev. Support for health problems) is used. You can donate for a particular child, or in general, then we use your money for children who need it. As often as possible we will report on the progress and living conditions of the children, but at least in our annual report in December each year. Jacob Tetteh provides us with this information because many of our children's parents themselves are unable to write emails. He is in regular contact with the families. You can read more about: "Children sponsored by us".

Of course, you can also monthly as a standing order to transfer a sum of your choice.

Please tell us your address in the purpose of the transfer or by e-mail, so that we can issue a donation receipt (from 20 €).

Friendship with Ghana e.V.

Bank account KSK Soltau

IBAN: DE15 2585 1660 0055 1211 15