How it all started

Dzifa had kept the family as sole earners by sewing on water, now the need was great. All the children could live with their grandmother, but where did the tuition come from, how did the tuition fees pay for the eldest son, Christopher?

There were some people in Bispingen, who, friendly with the family, helped by private means. This is how Christopher graduated in 2015.

But this case is not a single fate. Many children in Ghana do not go to school because the families can not afford the money.

The one-year school fees range from 120 to 150 euros for very simple schools, depending on the school level. There are also the costs for books, school uniforms, transport and school meals, depending on the grade and age of the children.

With a monthly salary of about 90 euros for simple jobs, e.g. as a waitress, street worker, cook, this school fee is hard to pay for the families. In addition, the cost of living increases, a bread e.g. costs about 2 euros.

Jobs are hard to get, unemployment is high. Unemployment benefit or sick pay, like ours, does not exist. As the need is quickly great in case of illness or loss of a job.

It soon became clear that more funds were needed to enable further children to attend school. This led then in 2014 to the founding of Friendship with Ghana e.V., to put everything on a secure legal basis.

The donated money is always completely and completely passed on, there are no administrative costs. The money transfer is made by Western Union, Jacob Tetteh pays the tuition directly at the schools and sends us the receipts.

This all happens on a voluntary basis the charitable status of the association is recognized.

Education is the gateway to the world, only through education can the world change positively and equal opportunities for children be achieved.

And certainly it is easier with good education to find a job in Ghana and not have to leave the country out of necessity!

Even small amounts can be helpful, donation receipts are issued, s. Strip mode.

Everything started with the dramatic birth of Isabella in March 2011: