Teshi is a place east of the city of Accra, (170.00 inhabitants / as of 2012 and is constantly growing). in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Teshie is the suburb of Accra and is located on the exit road from Accra to Tema. Here live about 170.00 inhabitants under sometimes very poor conditions and poor hygienic conditions. Running water is not everywhere, a sewage system only in a few places. Waste and sewage flow into the nearby lagoon and from there into the sea. Many people live here from fishing and are very poor.

Close to Teshie, Coco Beach has white sand beaches and large hotels.

Unemployment is high in Teshie, many families have no regular income. There is no universal health insurance, which means that every visit to a doctor must be paid for by their own resources.

A visit to a school is chargeable. For very simple equipped schools, it costs between 120 and 150 euros per child per year, depending on the grade level. In addition, the money for the school uniform, transport, school meals and books must be paid. Many families can not afford this, so many children do not go to school at all or only occasionally.

Education, however, is "the gateway to the world", only through education can the world positively change and equality of opportunity for children be achieved and they are allowed a self-determined life.