Jahresbericht 2018

Dear friends, donors and supporters

our school project Friendship - with - Ghana e.V.!

We would like to thank you all very much for your support with donations in kind, donations of money or voluntary work!

They helped us to enable 23 children to go to school this year, and more children are on the waiting list.

Jacob Tetteh, our partner in Ghana, checks very carefully whether funding is really necessary.

Two of the young people will start vocational training in the coming year, and we are also supporting them.

We are particularly pleased that we have found personal sponsors for almost all children who support them with a regular monthly amount of money. This ensures a secure, continuous and long-term school attendance.

We could certainly have increased the number of sponsored students in 2018 based on our financial framework, but we decided to go for secure, permanent funding and not a maximum number.

Your donations have arrived 100% in Ghana, there are no administrative costs as we work on a voluntary basis. Only the money transfer and hosting of our website cost small amounts.

The most important thing this year was certainly the visit of Jacob Tetteh here in Germany. A cent of donations were not used for this, as an express reference.

Both sides were amazed, Jacob was impressed by

our country and life here, it was his first trip !!

He attended a kindergarten and schools in Bispingen and Hamburg and introduced himself and his work for our association in Ghana at a meeting of sponsors and interested parties in the Küsterhaus in Bispingen.


The very personal portrayals of his life path as a 10-year-old child losing his beloved father, facing financial nothing and not slipping into unemployment, drugs and crime through his own strength and with the help of many "good people", has all participants in this Deeply impressed. Jakob's "Conclusions" were even more convincing, namely that this had convinced him that it was his job to take care of such children and give back what he had learned about good things. This touched us very much and certainly the motivation for many of those involved increases to get involved and to advance our project.

With the targeted support of two donors, we decided to pay Jakob his university fees so that he can realize his dream of becoming a teacher and then find, motivate and look after children in need even better. The joy that was caused by this unexpected help from Jakob can hardly be described.

But now to the children:

Last year we succeeded in expanding our system of monitoring school performance and motivation of children. We still want to enable children to go to school permanently, but we then demand a high level of motivation from the children.

Jacob is in regular contact with the parents and teachers, we receive reports and the certificates.

Meetings with parents have already taken place twice to explain the work of the association to them and at the same time to remind them of their duties (regular school attendance of the child, praise, interest in school issues).

If you would like to get an impression of our related activities, we refer to our homepage.

All information about what we have done, what children we support, pictures to get an impression of this region, etc. can be found here: http://friendship-with-ghana.de/

We have a special project for 2019.

At the moment we have a student, Evans, who has an extremely severe physical disability that you probably don't see in Europe anymore. We are trying to get him diagnosed in a special clinic in Africa. After receiving the results, we have to discuss whether he will continue to be supplied there or in Germany. We look forward to any help - including organizational nature.

All the best for the coming year and a big thank you!

Your team from Friendship-with-Ghana e.V.